Free Birthday Party Invitation Templates

If you are searching for birthday invitation templates then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have covered the required different types of birthday templates that you might be searching for andoften used to send memorable invitations. While planning a party or any other significant event, it is easy to send a mass text or type up an e-mail or post details on your favourite social media channels. But, it can be observed that mailing out physical invitations has always been far more charming, exciting, and intimate. This is especially true when you have decided to take the time to create, print, and send the invites by yourself. The good news is that now you do not have to be a professional publication designer to do so. With the help of birthday invitations, all you need is a copy of Microsoft Publisher, a printer, and some paper.

Free Printable Birthday Invitations

While making birthday party invitations, you can consider the following types of invitations as listed below:

Birthday Invitation Templates

Chalkboard birthday invitation template is ideal for an adult birthday party. In this template, the front includes a blackboard like a background and writing in similar or different fonts which resemble that of chalk. Generally, in this template, the guest of honour’s name and age into the appropriate text box is mentioned and the change in chalk colours is also done to make the invitation look interesting. Also, the invitation consists of placeholders into which you can type important details which can include the date, time, and location of the party. In case you need to mention additional details then you can specify in this box or add a text box on the left panel to enter lengthier information.

Best Kids Birthday Party Invitation Templates

Child’s Birthday Party Invitation

It is difficult to find a fun, gender-neutral invitation for your kids birthday invitations, especially if you want to include your kid’s name and age on the cover. This template will help you in solving the problem, with balloons covered over the text, you can type the birthday boy or girl’s name, date, and other relevant information. This text is in a fun and childlike font in shade of blue which will match with the significance of the occasion. You can change the font colour or style if you choose to do so. The inside of the card includes lines for pertinent information, making it easy for you to print or even hand write the party details onto the invitations.

Apart from birthday invitation, an Easter gathering may include anything from attending a sunrise church service to painting or hunting for eggs to enjoying a mouth-watering brunch, and this invitation is completely customizable, enabling you to tailor it to your get-together. The cover of the card features several colourful spots with a white background in the main body. The text reads, “Hop on over for an afternoon filled with fun! We will have Easter treats for everyone! Please join us to celebrate Madison’s 5th Birthday”. You can modify the text to describe your event or leave it as it is and include the further details inside. Also if you are looking for the cheap birthday invitations then this one is best for you, so go for it.

Blank Birthday Party Invitation Templates

In case your event doesn’t fit into any traditional category, opting for a basic but elegant blank card might be your best choice. This invitation features a silver toned body with flower pattern covered at the top and bottom of the page. You can customise this text as you see it fit to inform others of your upcoming gathering. The inside of the cover is blank but for the word “details” showing you where text boxes are placed, so that you may enter all of the information you wish to share. Also, most of the birthdays are common but if the there is a 1st birthday then there is a need that the 1st birthday invitation should be awesome enough. As the birthday comes once in a year so all of us should celebrate it like we celebrate our festivals. And that too if this is the birthday of a kid and also the first birthday so then the first birthday invitations should be good enough to celebrate the birthday party.

Postcard Invitation

The price of postage has been increasing regularly, so if you are on a budget and wish to conserve paper or want to save some folding, inserting, and sealing cards and envelopes then, you may choose to create a postcard invite. This template features a plain background on the font along with the words, “Please join us in a surprise celebration for Kirk Nims 50th Birthday!”. In case you want to personalise or customise the postcards, then simply select this sample text, and type over it, the information you want to mention. The back of the information includes spaces for party details or you can mention in the front, as well as your mailing information. To save time, you can add a text box and type in recipient’s names and addresses or perform a mail merge.

Just like as above mentioned 1st birthday should be memorable one so also there are some more dates when it needs to be awesome which is 18th birthday invitations. Thus, the above are the ways in which you can free birthday invitations very easily and without any cost.

One to be remembered is that birthday parties are fun for kids and adults of all ages, and creating an invitation is an important step in the party planning process because invitations ensure that people know about the event. But, if you aren’t familiar with the birthday invitation format, then it can be intimidating to write your own for the first time, especially if you are working with blank invitations or making your own from scratch. The main thing in the invitation is telling all your guests the most important information, such as when and where the party will be held, so you need to include all of this on the invitation. Once you get the basic format of an invitation and collect all the relevant information, you can start experimenting with fun and creative writing of your invitations to make them interesting.

How to make Personalised Birthday Invitations

Following are some steps which will beneficial for you while making online birthday invitations:

  • Include important information

There are few elements which are essential while making an invitation and they include telling the invitees about the guest of honor and the host, informing about when and where is the birthday party.

  • Explain what the invitation is for

After you tell the guests who is celebrating, it is important in case of making birthday invitations online, to explain what kind of celebration they are invited to.

  • Tell the guests when the party will be

This is a critical element because you can’t just say Sunday, because then your guests won’t know which Sunday you mean. You should include the time and mention the party date.

  • Tell the guests where to go

Regardless of whether the party is being held at someone’s house, at a restaurant, at a clubhouse, or elsewhere, you need to provide the name and address of the location of the party. Also, refrain from assuming that the guests know where the host’s house is, or where a particular hotel/restaurant is located.

  • Mention the dress code

In some parties especially in kids party invitations, there may be a theme or dress code for the party that you should mention to your guests. Most auxiliary and sensitive information can be included in the last line of the invitation.

  • Ask guests to pay attention to special instructions

Since, there are several types of free birthday invitation templates which require guests to come prepared with certain things like in case of pool parties, the guest will be required to bring swimming attire and towels whereas, in the case of excursion parties, the guests may need tents, sleeping bags, food, and other gears. Therefore, it is important to convey all this information.

  • Indicate whether guests can bring additional guests

Some parties lend themselves to plus ones whereas others don’t. For the types of parties where you don’t expect your guests to any bring extras like their friends, siblings, or significant others, then be sure to note this on the invitation.

  • Inform guests about the food

This is important if the guests are expected to bring something like pot luck to the party, otherwise, you can mention your plan of serving a meal or snack or just drinks and in that way, the guests will get an idea of whether they should come hungry or peckish or full.

  • Indicate whether the parents are expected to leave or stay at a child’s birthday party invitations.

For kid’s printable invitation invitations, you may expect other parents to stay or may prefer that they drop their children off and leave. In case you want parents to stay then you can mention “Parents are welcome to stay” otherwise you can simply mention “Please pick your child up at 6:00 p.m.” or whatever time the party will end.

  • Mention if it’s surprising birthday invitations

This is an important element to add to a birthday invitation if the guest of honour doesn’t know the party is happening and the last thing you want is for all your hard work and planning to be ruined because you forgot to tell the guests that it was a surprise party. A simple way to convey this is by mentioning “Please arrive on time: we don’t want to ruin the surprise!”.

Thus, the above were the ways and steps in which you can make free birthday invitation templates.